Album-Release MAGIC of SOUND – Universal Sound Alchemistry

This is our first album together after a lot of live concerts in the last six years, so we thought it´s time to bring few of our arrangements for free improvisation into this form of a physical CD also available as Online Album
Three alchemists in sound & song who elicit sounds from the magic of the moment.
A sound ceremony that follows the creative logic of the moment, visionarily inspires and nourishes, with audible love in an invisible form.

Sounds from the realm of intuition and meditation, harmonization affect the entry onto healing inner spaces and the dream zone, while their echoes reverberate and fly away.

released December 1, 2023

MAGIC of SOUND – Album Release Concert auf

Di. 12.12.2023
19:30 Uhr Einlass
20:00 Uhr Konzertbeginn

EINTRITT: frei, Spende erbeten
Ort: Speiches Rock and Blues Kneipe
Raumerstraße 39, 10437 Berlin


released December 1, 2023

Saskia Baumgart
Miroslav Grosser
Lilia Keller

Graphics: Natalja Kasemir
Sound: Ingo Struewing


all rights reserved

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